Days of Creation

CREATION! Are we to actually believe that God created the entire heavens and the earth in a mere 6 days? Absolutely! But, in Six 24 hour days?? Therein lays a questionable assumption.

First, we need to remember that the sun and moon did not come into play until day four, thus the clock was not set until day four. Prior to day four, the days would seem to be of indeterminate length.

Following that line of thought, if God has existed millions, billions or trillions of years ad infinitum, why would He suddenly decide to create the unfathomable heavens and earth and allow Himself a mere six 24 hour days to do it. That seems unthinkable to me. According to numerous Scriptures, such haste is not His style. On countless occasions, He admonishes us to wait, wait, wait – to have patience. Even when Jesus was here on earth, He would force His dearest friends to wait until all hope was apparently gone before springing into action – consider Lazarus.

Accordingly, if we remove the 24 hour restriction from the first three days of creation, the Biblical version makes perfect sense to us. Could we agree that in no way does such an interpretation compromise the Bible nor diminish the creative powers of our Almighty God!



2 thoughts on “Days of Creation

  1. It is always interesting to theorize about the creation timing….a couple of years ago, I saw a television special about a physicist that was researching the bending of time and light and the speed of light as it pertains to creation. He was able to show the math that stood behind the 6 24-hour period for creation. Wish I had the link to that, if I find it, I’ll send it to you. Fascinating!

  2. I would like that! I taught a class for several years in which I had a geologist who I really liked and respected. Since we worked together at an oil company, we had many discussions about the age of the earth, trying to meld both the Biblical and Natural time lines. We agreed that both had real merit and should not contridict each other. Our conclusions were the result of several years sharing thoughts and ideas. This blog is a summary of our conclusions.

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