Excerpt: The World’s Breadbasket

Oh, the wonderful play-like
fantasies of little children!

When we were little kids, many of us enjoyed “play like” games. They would start with the phrase “Let’s play like we …,” and then we would let our imaginations run wild. Sometimes we would play like we were in the kitchen baking pies, after which we would actually look like mud pies; other times we would play like we were preachers, or artists, or doctors, or bankers. Even the grown-up “play like” game of monopoly comes to mind. Such fun games they were! Oddly enough, some of our wild imaginations came true.

In the spirit of that, let’s once again indulge ourselves in such a fantasy. Let’s pretend we are the very first inhabitants of the earth, even before Adam and Eve. As such, we have been present since the formation of the earth. We have been given a nice little piece of rich farmland—let’s say two thousand or three thousand acres, more or less. It is a choice piece of land located among miles and miles of graceful, rolling hills. In the far distance, the horizon is defined by beautiful snow-capped mountains, over which we watch some of the most spectacular sunsets imaginable each day. Our magnificent little piece of acreage is just one among countless such farms—each different but equally attractive and valuable in its own way. We would have been totally delighted to have any one of them.


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