Without form, and void!

Blog 2 Creation

“…without form and void”. WOW! What a denigrating description given to God’s newly created masterpiece! Yet, that is the Biblical description of it. In its original state, the earth was useless. God had evidently created an unformed, useless ball of matter. The Scriptures do not indicate that the earth became degenerated into that state after creation – it was without form and void on creation morning.

How could that be? How could our all powerful, almighty God create something that was “without form and void”? Did our perfect God make a mistake? Did He create something imperfect?

Surely not! As always, God obviously had a plan. He saw that ball of unformed matter not for what it was, but for what it would become. To illustrate: consider an ordinary hen egg. When we remove its shell, it is without form and void. We see it as an ordinary hen egg, not as the living, breathing creature it could become. We cannot see within that useless ball of matter the DNA necessary to morph into a living, breathing creature, but all the ingredients are there. When properly nurtured, that ordinary hen egg is miraculously transformed into a living, breathing creature.

And that miraculous transformation isn’t instantaneous; it is a process. For hen eggs that meticulous process takes about twenty one (24 hour) days. For the earth, it took six days of apparently indeterminate length for that original ball of unformed mass to be transformed into a living, breathing earth. That process is beautifully described in the first two chapters of Genesis.


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