God’s Cruise Ship

God’s Cruise Ship

I must admit, I have a weird mind! As I was reading the Bible the other day, I once again ran across that familiar little phrase, ‘as in the days of Noah’. Suddenly, my mind began to wander. What were the living conditions during ‘the days of Noah’ especially as it relates to the ark? What was life like on the ark? How did Noah gather all those animals into the ark? Did he have to trap them or did they just all wander in to get out of the weather? How did he know when all the species were accounted for? Did he have a passenger list to check off each animal as it boarded? What if uninvited extras tried to get in? Did the ark contain stalls or did all the animals have the run of the whole ship? What did the lions and tigers eat? What about the birds of prey? Did Noah have to include a bunch of extra rabbits and vermin for them? And the cows and sheep; did the ark contain a hay loft? Did any of the occupants ever get sick or die? What about all the bodily refuse? Whew! Who had clean up duty? Where did Noah and his family stay? Was it like living in a barn, or was there a separate apartment for them? What kept the ark from breaking up or tipping over and killing every creature on board when it landed on the side of that mountain? Questions, questions, questions!

So, if the end times are to be like the ‘days of Noah’ surely there’s brighter a side to that story! Otherwise, who on earth would look forward to spending a thousand years living in that type of smelly, crowded barn? Not me! But, perhaps the untold story is that God must have made that ark into an unbelievably comfortable, enjoyable, safe haven for all its occupants for the entire duration of the flood waters. He evidently transformed that crude ark into some sort of perfect cruise ship for them. Then I imagine the Lord Himself hand picked each animal for Noah to gather into the ark. It is not only possible, but probable that all the animals—the wolves and lambs, the lions and calves, the leopards and goats all lived together in peace and harmony during that entire ‘voyage’. It is also probable that all the animals were (or became) vegans, and dined on a diet of grass together as one big happy family— and that the Lord provided the fresh green grass every day just like He provided food for the Children of Israel in the desert. It is also possible that the Lord God kept the deck clean and fresh with water from Heaven every day. No doubt the Great Physician was with them on the ark at all times keeping them free from any sicknesses and diseases. And, since the Lord was the pilot of that ship, we can rightly assume that the ark landed safely and upright in the cleft of a rock.

Are all these miraculous imaginings no more than the musings of a weird mind? Yes, but all are possible! According to Ephesians 3:20, God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or even imagine! Our God is an awesome God!


2 thoughts on “God’s Cruise Ship

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    • I am assuming that it is not ‘ark’ time yet insofar as present day animals could not cohabitate; lions could not lie down with lambs, etc. God will have to intervene and bring about peace on earth – both man and beast before it could be ‘ark’ time. God describes the end times ‘as in the days of Noah’ Matthew 24:37

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