Jesus’ Wedding Pictures

Our awesome God is the ultimate romantic. In Genesis 2:18, The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him (NIV).” Hurrah for that! Any student should know that God put Adam to sleep, took out one of his ribs, and with it He created Eve. Wow! We had already read in Gen 1:28 that they were to, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth (KJV).” And God graciously facilitated the process. Hmm, a virile man and a fertile woman—have babies—multiply and replenish the earth—no problem!

But there is another chapter to that story: Marriage! God bonded them together in a unique union which became known as marriage. Wait a minute, what’s with this marriage stuff? Well, God ordained it and briefly outlined and recorded this union in Genesis 2:24, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh (ESV).” Hmmm, we certainly don’t have to get married to be fruitful and multiply—to replenish the earth! Nevertheless, it would soon become apparent that God had an ulterior motive—a future, even more beautiful plan for marriage and He would surely see it through.

Now, let’s fast forward to the 12th chapter of Genesis and see a broader description of marriage. Enter the great Patriarch, Abraham, and God’s promise to make him father of nations. Whoa! He was already 75 years old, had no sons, his 65 year old wife was barren; and he was to become the father of nations? How could that be? Yet, in spite of all the negatives, that was God’s promise. Compounding the negatives, a near unbelievable long wait ensued; as a matter of fact, they waited another 25 long years; waited until all hope of an heir was gone; still no son! In order for God to finally make good on that long awaited promise, He would obviously have to perform some astonishing miracles! But that was exactly what God had in mind.

Sure enough, when Sarah was (gulp) 90 years old, God miraculously restored her youth, opened her womb, and she bore that long-awaited promised son. They named him Isaac. When Isaac reached maturity, another chapter in this saga began. (Here’s where the romance begins). If Abraham was to become the father of nations, Isaac would need a bride. So, in the 24th chapter of Genesis, the Scriptures went into great detail describing the unique search, courtship and marriage of their son. That wonderful love story occupies the whole chapter—all 67 verses. There we find Abraham sending his servant back to his homeland to seek and find the perfect bride; and when he found her, he would bring her back and present her to Abraham’s miracle son, Isaac.

Inquiring minds might be inclined to ask, “What made that particular marriage so special?” and, “why was that particular marriage the only one chronicled in the entire Pentateuch??” A closer look would indicate that their courtship and marriage was a very picturesque earthly happening illustrating a heavenly truth— a truth involving all of us. We find an explanation in 1 Corinthians 10:11. “Now all these things happened to them as examples… (NKJV)” Their unique courtship and marriage paints a beautiful picture of the Heavenly Father sending the Holy Spirit to seek and woo a bride for His only begotten Son. It also illustrates what a wonderful position we occupy in the heart of God’s long awaited miracle son, Jesus the Messiah. The entire body of believers is often referred to as the ‘bride of Christ’. That’s us!! And what a romantic picture it is!!

But, there is a sad fact involving this beautiful ‘picture’. We should also be aware of the fact that the enemy hates this beautiful, romantic photo—hates it with a passion! ! And he is set on defacing it. We have all seen beautiful portraits where vandals have added grotesque mustaches. or eyebrows. or horns, or other ugly marks ruining the beauty of them. So it is with the beauty and significance of marriage. Many so-called ‘millennials’ in today’s society view marriage as unimportant, meaningless, trifling, blasé. They may live together, have children together, but never become ‘one’ as indicated in Genesis 2. Many (not all) have been influenced by the pettiness attributed to marriage by the various media for their entire lives. Husbands are very often portrayed as the weaker sex—buffoons. Wives are considered as no more that sex objects—victims. As a result, many grow up self-centered—unwilling to give up their individualism—unwilling to fall into that untoward mold. They have no concept of brides and bridegrooms and wedded bliss. They are oblivious of the romance attributed to the ‘church’ being the ‘bride’ of Jesus Christ. Satan has nearly obliterated all the loving images of the wonderful relationship between us and our ultimate ‘Bridegroom’

Pity those who have been deprived of enjoying that beautiful picture prior to it being so utterly defaced by the enemy.


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